The status:
Non-profitable public organization
Created in 2001
The purpose of the activity of the
Realization of the enlightened and educational projects directed on the protection of the gender rights of members of the organization and satisfaction of needs in realization of the gender rights of women and members of their families.
Task of the Centre:
  • Development on a noncommercial basis of training courses of a gender direction which purpose is education and informings of students of Vinnytsia.
  • Assistance to creative contacts to leading domestic and foreign experts on the gender problematics.
  • Realization of the enlightened and educational projects directed on a deepening of knowledge of young teachers of higher educational institutions about gender roles in society.
  • Methodical and methodological support gender studios and programs in educational institutions of II-IV degrees of accreditation; distribution of the information, promotion the ideas and the purposes.
  • Development of the connections with the Ukrainian and f o r e i g n public organizations, gender centers, carrying out of the common actions, projects' realization on the enterprises which state the desire to cooperate with the Centre.
  • Protection the gender rights of members of the organization and the rights of children.
The center actively cooperates with many Ukrainian, international and foreign establishments, public associations: the Program of equal opportunities of the UN Program of development, the International fund of Revival, the Ukrainian philosophical fund, the Union of researchers of the modern philosophy (Pascal's society), the Kyiv institute the gender researches, organization Kvinnonforum (Sweden), the Ukrainian national association of the
European studios, the organization "Miss Universe” (Vinnytsia), the Ukrainian - Swedish program "Oleg", Kherson resource gender center, Zakarpatye resource gender center, Lugansk educational gender centre.
In the educational Centre on a regular basis occur educational gender readings
Outstanding projects of the Centre:
  • Creation of a network of advisory departments of Vinnytsia Educational gender center in Higher educational establishments of Vinnytsia
  • Carrying out the trainings "Gender stereotypes: the academic display"
  • Gender reading on works of outstanding scientific workers
  • Scientific - practical seminars "The technique of introduction the gender education in the humanitarian disciplines "
  • A scientific - practical seminar " Heuristic potential of the gender education"
  • Sociological research "Ethnogender images of the Ukrainian society"
  • Sociological researches "The woman in science " and " Gender face of the Ukrainian Students "

With questions concerning activity of the Interuniversity gender centre” address to Vinnytsia educatio gender centre which Office is located at the address:
Vinnytsia, Khmelnitskiy highway 95, the Main Educational building, 104.
Director of the Centre, Ph. D. of Phylosophy, associate professor
Holovashenko Iryna
Tel.: (0432) 598-498
Fax.: (0432) 505-148


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